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Our basic objective is to enhance the gold & silver bullion trading by using technology. The gold & silver bullion trading carries various inexorable concerns of a trader. These include but not limited to transparent pricing, authentic product, affordable service charges and secured delivery channel. Considering the needs of Gold & Silver investors in modern times we have developed a highly secured and user friendly trading platform to make sure client is at advantage of staying in touch for uninterrupted transparent quotes and taking care of its investment for 24 hours.

This is a web based secure environment that enables the users to buy and sell the physical Gold and Silver. The most salient feature of this system includes the automated process for asking the delivery of purchased commodity anytime. Although our user friendly trading platform provides end-to-end automation and convenience for regular market players working on other trading platforms yet it is as easy to use for new entrants having no experience of such environment. For the purpose of getting a clear idea about its functions we provide a demo registration facility to our visitors with a free credit of US Dollars $50,000 for mock trading.

This physical trading facility is significantly different in its format of customary financial or marginal trading in precious metals. There is no concept of LEVERAGE to purchase commodities hence buyer needs to pay against each order in full before its placement and execution. There is NO MARK UP or any other financial charges for the outstanding, unsettled trades as the client pays each transaction in full. This trading pattern is entirely based on physical trading hence there is no room for SHORT SELLING; the system by default will not execute any short selling orders. Although the client can sell its purchased commodities back to us in the system yet client needs to buy the commodities in the system first.
Customer Registration
1. Fill up the required information.
2. Send it along with identifying documents to cs@gold.ae
3. Deposite funds
4. Start trading

demo trading
Before using our real trading platform we recommend our customers to please try our DEMO version of bullion trading platform.

Only an online registration is required.

Real trading
Transparency in price quotes of the commodities is an essential requisite in bullion trading. We have facilitated to our registered customers by giving them a direct access to our automated trading platform which enables them place their orders with us without any human intervention.

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